BertRat Software

An independant software development company of Floroida




BertRat Software is currently in Alpha mode, a closed development and testing phase of several exciting new applications.  The first two applications to market will be iDupe and iSoftware.

Do you have multiple personal computers? Many external drives?Are a photographer? Have an extensive musica collection?  Then you probably have a LOT of duplicate files spread across all your computers, drives and directories.  iDupe will scan them all, showing you where and how much space is consumed with duplicate files.  Easy to use, but powerful, iDupe allows you to filter your duplicated to just show text, word processor, spreadsheet, binary, music, video or image files. iDupe will  reclaim valuable disk space and improve data efficiency. 

Alpha for iDupe is expected this summer. To be added to our Alpha Test Group please write Thanks.

itunes for your software downloads and archives.  iSoftware will also track your registration codes/product keys and the system in which they are installed.